Hey everybody!!! It’s been a long time, but the comic is finally back, thanks to the kindness of our Book 5 Kickstarter backers. Now, while I’d originally pledged only to do 2 months worth of comics, I’m hoping that dusting off the old journal-comics-making-mojo means that I can *keep* making comics once those two months are up. And not just comics, either – I want to blog more, since there’s TONS of stuff in the news that I want to talk about, so hopefully keeping this place updated will be a perfect venue & incentive to keep going.

Anyway, it’s good to be back! Tune in on Wednesday (and M-W-F all month!) for more Moosehead Stew!!

I know that all of my immediate family members have featured in the comic before, but I don’t think I’ve ever drawn us all together and people were asking just how many siblings I have. I figured I’d post this picture, which I drew for my brother’s birthday a few years ago, just to show us all. That’s my mom in the middle (looking like I draw her in the comic, sans the dark hair. Don’t remember why I didn’t color in the spot blacks for this particular picture), the tall one is my brother, the one with glasses is my sister, and the goofy-looking one at the side is me. 🙂

Hey folks!! Sorry for the lack of update! I’ve been on the road – first home to visit my sister for her grad, and then on a day-long road trip back to Edmonton with my wonderful in-laws. All of this hanging out with family has left me with a TON of ideas for new strips, but precious little time to draw.

I’m still planning on doing 3 updates this week, but it looks like I’ll have to do them on Friday and Saturday instead of Wed/Fri. So, check back tomorrow!!

(Sorry about the lateness on this update, folks!! I’d hoped to upload it before the grad ceremony started, but it’s been a CRAZY day!)

My baby* sister graduated from Grade 12 today!! It wasn’t the best or most exciting of ceremonies, since if you’ve seen one grad you’ve pretty much seen them all, but it was still a huge event for me. Not only does this mean that all of my siblings are grown up, but all of our family came together for the first time in years to celebrate. My grandma, grandpa, uncles and aunts were all there to see her walk across the stage to pick up her diploma…. And then again to grab an academic scholarship for excellence and community service!

My sister doesn’t do things halfway!! And I’m incredibly proud of her for it!

Anyway, I’ve just seen her and her date* off to the banquet tonight, and now my mom and I are kicking back to some well-deserved rest after putting together a big party for her on Saturday and running her around between events today.

So, a big congratulations to my sister!!! I hope she has an amazing time tonight, and I know that whatever she does in the future, it will make for AH-MAY-ZING stories when she gets back.

Oh, also, about the picture. The shawl that she is wearing was made by me, and has a tribal-style raven across the back, so that’s what those weird black patches on the side are. The bird at the top is also a raven, which is appropriate, because that’s her middle name!


* She’s out of school now, so I don’t know if I get to keep calling her my “baby” sister. (At least to her face.***)

** Dude looked like a First Nations Clark Kent. I’m serious.

*** Yes, I’m the oldest and teasing her is my job, but she’s been in the military and knows how to fire a rocket launcher, so there’s only so much teasing a wussy little civvy like me can get away with. 🙂

When your teenage sister calls you up to rant about how terrible Twilight is… That, my friends, is a wonderful feeling.

Also, remember how I said I’d explain on Friday why I was doing strips about my sister? Yeah, I got my dates mixed up.  I’ll explain why on *Monday*. 🙂

My sister has always been a very generous person. Sometimes she’s been far TOO generous.

I still have no idea how she managed to pile ALL of her toys onto me without waking me up. I think she’s secretly a ninja.

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